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Why we do it

Our Purpose

We work because we want to to impact lives and transform communities throughout Metropolitan Detroit
in ways that allow African American women and children to thrive.

We do that by partnering with organizations and institutions that have that focus as well.

Those partnerships have charitable giving as but one component. Our approach is wholistic and participatory. The critical component is engagement. We roll up our sleeves and our members have a personal involvement...we would dare even say a personal the lives of the individuals with whom we work.

We have adopted schools and had our members read to classes and help students with their homework. For more than ten years, we worked with Matrix Human Services and met monthly with women who had lived challenged lives in order to share hope, provide information on education and careers, and show them how to avoid self-limiting behaviors. We are proud that many of these women went on to achieve degrees, find meaningful employment, and reunite with their families. Now, we are working at Cass Technical High School with a group of amazing young men who have named themselves the “CT-Gents,” providing male mentors and motivational speakers, and exposing them to the worlds of business, government, and education.

Internationally, we focus our attention on Africa, where our ancestors began. We have helped to build schools, reduce maternal death, impact infant mortality, and address human trafficking.

We build hope. We share ourselves and our resources. We help people re-imagine the possibilities of what they can be. In those things, we join our ripples to the work that other groups our doing in hopes that we can make waves and change the world.

We are committed to the work we do, because we are women who care deeply about our communities, especially those who for whatever reason are not living their best lives. You will see on this website our Vision and Mission and Core Values, but also know that we do what we do because we want to see people live their dreams.