2024 STEAMM Event

On September 23, 2023, our Great Lakes Links Chapter partnered with other local Links chapters and DAPCEP to host our annual STEAMM student event. This year’s event, “Full STEAMM Ahead”, brought together young minds to explore a variety of STEAMM-related topics and activities, inspiring them to discover their passions and unlock their potential. Our engaging workshops cover a diverse range of subjects, including:

  • Science: Environmental Justice
  • Technology Weekend Website Warrior – Introduction to Coding
  • Engineering: Engineering the World Around Us!
  • Art: Exploring the Intersection of Science and Art through Shoe Design
  • Math: How to Secure the Bag
  • Medicine: Science Behind the Mask: A Behind the Scenes Glimpse into the World of Medicine

Prior to the September event, our collaborative STEAMM Committee also distributed scholarships to African American high school seniors in Metro Detroit, as part of the annual STEAMM program.