Great Lakes Links Chapter History

The Great Lakes Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, chartered January 30, 1993

The Beginning

On a Sunday afternoon in 1988, Dr. Ella Mae Stapleton called together a group of women who gathered in the lounge of All Saints Episcopal Church. The purpose of the gathering was to gauge the interest in forming a service group which would one day be connected to a national service organization whose goals were dedicated to the improvement and development of communities with particular focus on minority issues.

From that meeting, the Detroit Area Service Organization (“D.A.S.O.”) was born. In 1989 the name of the organization was changed to the Metropolitan Area Service Organization (MASO) to legitimately capture the entire Metropolitan Detroit area in the name of the group, as it was the group’s intent to provide services to the entire metropolitan Detroit community.

The original members of that organization were:

  • Marjorie Anthony
  • Gail Ayala
  • Kathryn Ayala
  • Rowena Ayala
  • Cecile Keith Brown
  • Ann Juanita Covington
  • Lillian Covington
  • Willetta Cutherell
  • Margaret Dooley
  • Bessie Ernst
  • Barbara Hughes Smith
  • Valentine Hill
  • Erma Greene
  • Marcia Greene
  • Rosalind Griffin
  • Pauline Grissom
  • Gloria Johnson
  • Camille Jones
  • Rachel Keith
  • Glenna Norton
  • Valerie Proctor
  • Diane Reeder
  • Michele Reid Harris
  • Shirley Reid
  • Yvonne Reid
  • Catherine Routt
  • Linda Sharp
  • Deborah Smart
  • Juanita Smart
  • Ella Mae Stapleton
  • Maureen Stapleton
  • Michael Thompson
  • Merle Watts
  • Sorenia Whittington
  • Karen Williams (Smith)
  • Barbara Womack
  • Roberta Hughes Wright

The primary focus of MASO was to provide service and financial support to the community with particular focus on minority issues. The motto of the organization was “linked by friends who care and share, committed to each other, and to the community, we go forth.”

MASO became an official interest group of The Links, Incorporated in 1990 and on January 30, 1993 MASO was chartered as the Great Lakes Chapter, thus, becoming the fifth Links chapter in the Metro Detroit area and the 242nd chapter in the nation.

In the years since our chapter was established, it has been an honor to build our chain of friendship with women who share the commitment to our community that was embraced by our charter members.

The Chapter was joined by:

Heir ‘o Link Stephanie Crutchfield (Whittington),
Heir o’ Link Yasmine Harris,
Heir ‘o Link Michelle Johnson Heir ‘o Link Julia Matthews,
Gail Parker,
Heir ‘o Link Rosemarie Proctor (Nance),
Barbara Rosemond

The Chapter was joined by:

Judith Caliman,
Heir o’Link Linda Ernst,
Pauline Givens,
Doris Hood,
Heir o’ Link Gilda Keith,
Ruth Waugh,
Mary Louise Starks Williams

The Chapter was joined by:

Judith Caliman,
Ruth Waugh

The Chapter was joined by:

Karen Gibbs,
Tina Spencer

The Chapter was joined by:

Nellie LaGarde
Antonia McLemore
Nilda Thomas
Leslie Williams

The Chapter was joined by:

Schylbea Hopkins,
Veronica Murff

the Chapter was joined by:

Suzanne Shank Burks,
Lorelei Claiborne,
Christine Long Davis,
Marsha Lemieux,
Gail Parks

The Chapter was joined by:

Denise Mallett,
Nancy Quarles,
Wendy Shirley,
Sandra Taylor

The Chapter was joined by:

Leslie Andrews
Renita Clark
Sylvia Hollowell
Tara Scott
Sylvia Sherrill
Nina Shirley

The Chapter was joined by:

Tonya Collier
Monique Parnell Phifer
Anquenette Jamerison

The Chapter was joined by:

LaNesha DeBardelaben
Lisa Whitmore Davis
Katrina McCree
Chevelle Roman
Marlin Williams
Nutrena Tate

The Chapter was joined by:

Kristina Smith Avant-Mays

Rita Lynn Dandridge

Joi M. Harris

Adrienne Hinnant-Johnson

Dedra Hobbs

Donna Murray-Brown

Lisa Phillips

Michelle Sherman

Sharyl Smith

The chapter was joined by

Adrienne Booth Johnson

Ginelle MacPherson

The chapter was joined by

Loretta Bush

Katrenia Camp

Carolyn Clifford-Goss

Carrie Clark

Christianne Malone

Cara Griffin Williams

Michelle Reaves

Airielle Taylor


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